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Culture Shift by ALC

What is Culture Shift?

The ALC Culture Shift Program is a 3-phase program designed to change your organization’s culture by creating awareness and choice, breaking through old habits and learning new approaches, and creating sustainable behavioral change moving forward. We balance developing your team’s leadership skills while maintaining a lense of diversity and inclusion. At ALC, we develop high-performing teams who hire diverse talent and sustain an inclusive environment.


What does it mean to develop a high-performing diverse and inclusive team?

Every employer wants a team who can hit its goals, keep its customers or clients happy, and sustain its internal talent. The last thing any employer wants is to see are dissatisfied customers, employee departure or shrinking profit margins.

Sustaining a high performing team or organization is more than retaining talent and keeping customers happy. It includes hiring and sustaining diverse employees whose backgrounds range in age, ethnicity, culture, and life experiences.  This is where ALC’s Culture Shift program comes in.

The ALC Approach

At ALC we believe in creating a customized approach to help your team become the most diverse and inclusive powerhouse it can be. We start with an assessment process to determine what is working and not working within your team. This includes evaluating diverse hiring practices, talent retention, staff turnover, and additional team dynamics.


We also provide introductory workshops to build a foundation of understanding around high stakes conversations, managing up, down and sideways, unconscious bias and building diverse and inclusive teams. We take the findings of the evaluation, along with information shared in the introductory workshops, to develop a comprehensive program designed specifically for your team.


There are 4 key components to ALC’s approach

  • Evaluation: we believe in evaluating your team’s progress throughout the process, comparing results from the beginning of your program to the end.

  • Executive leadership coaching and training: we believe giving your executive leadership the individual coaching support and training that it needs to lead the team, equipping it with the necessary tools to lead with a diversity and inclusiveness lens.

  • Staff training: it is our belief that teams change when everyone is given the necessary resources and tools. This is why we believe in training an entire team.

  • Continued learning: The work doesn’t stop once a team completes the 3 phases. ALC has built in an aftercare program that includes online learning and periodic in-person trainings to continue the team’s development and to train new staff as they are hired.


If your organization is struggling to hire or retain diverse talent, or if you know your team needs to be more inclusive of different cultures, experiences and perspectives and you’re not sure where to start, give Jennifer a call and see if Culture Shift is right for you!

Contact Jennifer Sconyers for more information at 614-477-7287 or
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