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About Jennifer

President and Founder, Abundance Leadership Consulting, Creator of Culture Shift by ALC

Changing the culture of an organization doesn't happen overnight, it takes thoughtfulness, persistence, stretching outside of your comfort zone, and working with a trained professional to lead the way.

I have spent almost two decades as a woman of color in leadership. I’ve learned how to manage up, down and sideways, build teams from scratch, and inherit teams to make them peak performing.  My career has spanned across for-profit institutions in advertising, marketing and television, as well as working in political institutions in Washington DC, Maryland, and Ohio.

It was the decade plus I spent working on Democratic campaigns that gave me the most experience. It was in these high pressure, results driven environments that I truly learned what it would take to create a high performing team and make it thrive in a short period of time. I’ve had the experience of  working with teams in national and statewide non-profits, including the ACLU and Wellstone Action, and have worked in for-profit companies like Fox and Lee Wayne Corporation. In every environment I have created opportunities to achieve high team goals, create space to include individuals from diverse backgrounds (and advocate for their presence on the team), while also diligently establishing environments where high stakes conversations can occur.  It is this experience that I bring to my work with teams and in my work with individuals who are looking to make an impact in their organization and their community.

Over the years I have seen what it takes to build an organization from scratch, hire and manage diverse talent, and what it takes to keep that talent. Now more than ever, organizations, companies, associations and firms are looking to increase their impact in an ever-changing world. Creating an inclusive work environment not only impacts your employees productivity and experience, it also impacts the communities you serve and your bottom line.


If you are the leader of an organization who is struggling to retain or attract diverse talent, or you want to learn more about how to create an inclusive environment that contains a diversity of thought, perspectives, and experiences, give me a call. Our mission at Abundance Leadership Consulting is to shift your organization’s culture, making it more diverse and inclusive and increasing its impact.

Contact Jennifer Sconyers for more information at 614-477-7287 or
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