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Creating a Culture Shift for Your Team

Abundance Leadership Consulting and its partners offer the following services to work with your team to change its organizational culture from the inside out.
Executive Coaching and Training


At Abundance Leadership Consulting, LLC we believe that change starts at the top. When the leadership of an organization agrees to change, the rest of the organization follows. This is why we are committed to providing executive level coaching and training for our clients. Click on the PDF icon to learn more about our executive coaching programs.

Staff Workshops and Trainings


At ALC it is our belief that teams change when everyone is given the necessary resources and tools. This is why we believe in training an entire team. Learn more about our workshops and trainings by clicking on the PDF icon.

Organizational Assessment


At ALC we believe in evaluating your team’s progress throughout the Culture Shift process, comparing results from the beginning of your program to the end. This process is guided by ALC staff and our preferred partners to chart your organization's process, make specific recommendations and create customized programming that is right for you!

Continued Learning


The work doesn’t stop once a team completes ALC's Culture Shift process. ALC has built in an aftercare program that includes online learning and periodic in-person trainings to continue the team’s development and to train new staff as they are hired.

Contact Jennifer Sconyers for more information at 614-477-7287 or
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